Chairside Veneer

Chairside Veneers is a great option to enhance your smile. The procedure is used to brighten your teeth and to straighten misaligned teeth. At Maranatha Dentals, Dr. Frank Chang is the specialist for this procedure and he developed a unique method to make this an affordable option for just about everyone. It is more conservative, easy to modify, and easy to repair compared to most porcelain veneers. Most porcelain veneers are not repairable, in which they can only be replaced. At Maranatha Dental, we use strong micro-filled composites to restore our Chairside Veneers and the cost is only 1/3 of most regular porcelain veneers. Best of all, the procedure only requires 1 visit.

Ask us about Maranatha Chairside Veneer and get your perfect smile!