General Dentistry

Preventive Treatment
Prevention is always better than post treatment!

Prevent gum diseases with Maranatha’s deep professional dental cleaning (plaque elimination, polish, gum care, fluorine application). This procedure keeps your teeth healthy, function and beautiful!

Prevent cavity with Maranatha’s Sealers Procedure. The thin plastic layers are carefully placed over the teeth’s (molars) chewing surface. They are very effective to prevent cavities, because they are physically barriers against cavities and plaque formation. In most cases they offer full 100% of protection.

Fluorine application
Strengthen your tooth enamel and reduce the harmful effects of plaque with Maranatha’s fluorine application. The fluorine is applied directly in tooth or ingested trough the teeth development. This procedure will help defend your teeth against harmful plaques and looking beautiful.

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Oral Surgery
Need oral surgery for teeth and wisdom tooth extractions?
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Crowns and Bridges
A crown is an artificial replacement of the upper part of the tooth, to restore the function and look of the damaged tooth, weakened by a fracture or a large filling. Crowns can be made from several different kinds of materials, and based on location, esthetics, and cost, the right one to repair your damaged tooth can be selected. The loss of one or more teeth due to decay or an accident, changes the look of your smile, your bite, and puts stress on surrounding teeth to compensate for the lost tooth. One option for replacing the lost tooth is to use a bridge. The missing tooth is replaced with an artificial tooth connected between two crowns (caps), which are permanently cemented or bonded on the adjacent teeth.